Practices & Policies

Access to Medical Records

To apply for access to your medical records, write to the Practice Manager. You do not need to give a reason for wanting to see them. An appointment will be arranged, and a fee will be charged when you attend.


The practice complies with data protection and access to medical records legislation. Doctors, nurses, and administration staff operate a strict policy of patient confidentiality, and you should feel confident in disclosing any information which is important to your medical care. Information in your medical records may be shared with others directly involved in your care: other members of the practice team, other clinicians, and practice staff for administrative purposes. Information will not be given to anyone else without your consent, except in very rare circumstances, for instance where there are child protection concerns.

Data protection and freedom of information

The Data Protection Act 1998, and Freedom of Information Act 2000 give the individual the right to access personal information held about them, subject to exemptions. For further details go to:

Zero Tolerance

We try at all times to deal with patients in a polite and courteous manner. In return, we expect that the same is shown to both the staff and doctors at the surgery. Whilst we understand that a visit to the doctors can at times be stressful or worrying we will not tolerate aggression or abuse to either our reception staff or any of the Professional UStaff at the surgery.

Any patient being threatening or abusive to any member of our team may be removed from our practice list without further warning.

Feedback & Complaints

We welcome all types of feedback. It is encouraging to hear what we are doing well, and helpful to find out where you think we could make improvements. We have a book for your comments on the desk at reception.

Despite our best efforts, sometimes a patient may feel they have a genuine cause for complaint. We will always try to resolve this in-house where possible; if you are unhappy about any aspect of your care we suggest you discuss this in the first instance, with the member of the practice team you feel most comfortable with, who may be able to deal with the problem quickly and easily.

Otherwise, please ask to speak to, or write, to the Practice Manager. Your complaint will be acknowledged within three working days, with a plan as to how it will be investigated, and a time-frame in which this will be achieved. The responsible partner for complaint handling will oversee the investigation, and report back to you

Patients who have a comment or complaint about a GP, allied health professional or practice specialist which cannot be resolved locally with the practice manager, can contact Lake Orr Family Practice using the below details.