Good health is a direct result of good habits. Depending on your needs we offer an initial comprehensive medical assessment, or an annual medical, and we compare the results of multiple tests in order to monitor risk factors.


We always have someone on hand to help with whatever you need. From unlimited phone calls and emails with physicians, nurses, and reception coordinators, to 24/7 Phone triage support with an on-call physician, when you need it.


We maintain health professionals on-site in order to provide quick and effective service to our patients. We are also able to recommend services within our preferred referral network, We also take part in the Second Opinion Service against a fees, which remotely brings the cumulative knowledge of other medical professionals directly to you, if it is needed


We know that it’s important for every patient to receive the necessary attention and time they need. With that in mind, we’ve made it easier for our physicians and medical coordinators to assist you in navigating through a system that can be overwhelming. Although many issues can be dealt with in-house, our staff has time to find your best options if you need a referral – be they public, or private. Worrying about your health is stressful enough; we’ll help things run as smoothly as possible.

Our medical assessment will evaluate your health, taking into account many influencing factors like your personal history, lifestyle habits, family health, laboratory tests, and much more.

Using the information from the assessment, we can work together to create a personalized plan for you – and ensure that any flagged risks can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Over time, our ongoing relationship means that we are better able to understand your long-term needs, and ensure that you stay informed about any relevant issues relating to your current and future health.